Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Best Prom Dresses, Hair & Makeup for 2013

Prom is just around the corner, are you going? Although I'm too old to attend prom, you can count me there to watch my little brother walk through the grand march. It seems like just yesterday I was the one going to Prom, now it's my baby brother! I'm super excited to see all of the couples but most of all the prom dresses. My brother's prom date won't show him her dress, she's making him wait until prom day to see it (sounds like a wedding huh?) All that he knows is that it is pink and orange.
Prom is all about "the dress" but it's important to remember hair and makeup too! You don't want to have a fabulous dress that doesn't go with your hair or makeup. The top trends of 2013 prom dresses, hair and makeup!

1. Winged Eyeliner: this is a huge hit! What I love about it isn't cakey, it shows off natural features vs. covering them up. 

2. Red Lips: adding a pop of color onto your lips is a big 2013 trend. If you aren't willing to take the red lip dare, go for a pretty fushia or pink.
3. Loose Updo With Braids: braids, loose curls and a boho bun are all the rage. Keep your hair looking fresh with natural braids and wave.

4. High Low Cut: the high/low skirt has taken off. A huge trend that is not only comfy but cute and shows off your shoes (who doesn't love that!?)

5. Ombre: ombre is a huge trend in hair, clothing  home decor, pretty much everywhere. This is a unique twist on the simple mono toned color dress. Adding just enough oomph for that special look. 
Strapless Beaded Feather Print Prom Dress Ball Gown Pageant

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