Friday, March 1, 2013

I Made My Own Scarf...And You Can, Too!

Some of the best accessories are the ones that are UNIQUE, CHEAP, and HOMEMADE! I came across this wonderful find on Pinterest several months ago, and finally got around to making it! Now that I know just how little time it took to do, I really am kicking myself for negating it for so long. Hey, what can I say... I'm a busy woman!

To start out this adorable, easy-to-make, infinity fringe scarf, you need a plain t-shirt. I got mine from Hobby Lobby. This week, they are having a sale on t-shirts. I got size 3X so that it was big enough to wrap around my neck twice. If you only want it to go around once, then I would suggest a small or medium!

Lay the t-shirt out flat. Then make two cuts: one across the top, right underneath the "armpits" of the shirt and the second right above the stitching that makes the seam at the bottom of the shirt. 

Please excuse my kitchen scissors...I happened to be in the kitchen and was feeling much too lazy to go upstairs and get my craft scissors. ;)

After you make the two cuts, start cutting slices into the shirt on both of the "open" sides, aka the "long" sides of the fabric. You can make these as skinny or thick as you want! 

After you are done cutting the strips, start pulling the strips to stretch them out. Can you tell a difference? I stretched the left side, and when I took this picture, the right side had yet to be stretched. After that, you're done!