Sunday, June 3, 2012

Retro One Piece Swimsuits Are Really Making a Splash

I am very sorry for the very corny title. I had to though--once I thought it in my head, I wanted to share. How can you not appreciate that beautiful and witty play on words!?

Anyway, I've been seeing more and more retro style one-piece swimsuits. They are popping up everywhere on beaches and at pools.I've noticed that this trend goes along with the very popular and upcoming Rockabilly style (see my past post about Rockabilly style if you don't know what I am talking about). You can trend this swimsuit out even more with a floral headband and some bright colored lipstick. 

I'll admit after seeing The Notebook, I wanted a swimsuit just like Rachel McAdams had. Heck, I wanted Ryan Gosling just like Rachel McAdams (Allie) had. It was a perfect example of a classic 50's swimsuit that was modest yet adorable. I can't wait to put my usual string bikini far, far in the back of my drawer and try out a retro swimsuit! 

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