Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nude Nails Are In

I've been searching high and low lately for hair, nail, and make up trends for summer 2012. I've shared quite a few of the fashion trends for the upcoming season, but realized that I neglected to share whats in as far as things that you can't wear as clothes (ie: make up, hair, and nails!).

As you know, gold is a huge trend this summer. If you haven't checked out my recent post about gold eye make up colors, check it out now! Along with this, natural and nude nail colors are seriously trending. It goes with a carefree and natural summer look. The goal of it is to look well kept and groomed with no effort whatsoever. I would pair this look with some easy-to-do natural beach waves.

Essie is one of my personal favorite lines of nail color and they have a great selection of natural tones.

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