Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gold Eye Make Up

One of the top trends of summer for eye make up is gold. It's a natural-toned color that makes a great eye make up color. You can do all sorts of fun things with it and it's easy to transform a day look to a night look. The picture shown above makes a great night look.

For a day look: prep eyes with a liquid concealer. This helps to keep the make up on longer and prevent it from wearing off. Apply the eye shadow next. It's best to get a three-tone set because the colors are all coordinated. I like this trio from Sephora a lot. The lightest color is the base. The next color goes in the crease, and the darkest color goes in the outside corner. After, follow with eyeliner (a light brown looks best with gold colors) and some mascara.

For a night look: prep eyes with a liquid concealer. You can use the same technique but can add a darker color to the outside corner. I like black with gold for a night look and like to follow with black eyeliner and black mascara. If you're looking for another trio, this one by Mineral Fusion works great!

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