Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Try Out Ombre Nails

You've seen the ombre look everywhere I'm sure. I'm seeing it everywhere and I love it! "Ombre" is a fun trend that started in France and is making its way everywhere. I've been seeing so many people with ombre hair, either fading from dark to lighter, or light to darker. I've seen a variety of people rock some amazing colors--it's fun to really see how creative people can get with the color combinations. For more about ombre hair, see my previous post!
If you are wanting to try out the ombre look, but not ready to take the plunge by coloring your hair, try it out on your nails. It's super fun, and you can choose to go lighter to darker or darker to lighter. You can try this out with so many different color combinations. For Halloween, you could do an orange shade fading into black, or you could try a hot color this fall and use shades of purple and plum. Have fun with this and get creative! If you don't like it, you can always use a good nail polish remover to take it off and start fresh.

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