Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Homecoming Dress To Shine In

As I walked through the mall today, I couldn't help but get into "back-to-school" mode. I walked by tons of stores and they all had their summer merchandise on the clearance racks while more and more fall fashions popped up to replace them. Stores like Target and Office Max have their notebooks, pens, pencils, and school supplies ready to be bought!

My favorite part of going back to school when I was in high school was homecoming. It was always such a blast! There was a fun-filled week with games, a parade, coronation and crowning of the "king" and "queen", volleyball games, tennis matches, competitions, pep rallys and of course the Friday night football game followed by the homecoming dance!

I found this dress online today and I instantly thought that it would make a perfect homecoming dress! I love the color and detail of the dress. It is formal yet fun which is what I usually look for in a dress.

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