Thursday, August 9, 2012

Short Prom Dresses are Stylish and Fun!

Prom is such a fun event! During high school, it was always my favorite part of the year. I looked forward to prom more than any other event. It was so much fun to get dressed up, have my hair and nails all done up, pick out beautiful flowers to carry, slip into some gorgeous shoes and have a blast dancing the night away with my friends. 

I found a great place to find beautiful short prom dresses that are stylish and fun. The biggest and most exciting part of prom is to pick out a dress. It's important to have a dress that you love! Tons of prom-goers are choosing short dresses because they are unique and look great. 

My little sister is going to prom this year and I am so excited to help her get ready for her big day. This is the dress she chose and I am so excited for her! She picked out some beautiful peacock-blue flowers with some strappy silver heels. 

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