Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding Season Is Here!

Judging by the amount of "save the dates" and wedding invitations hanging on our refrigerator, I'd say wedding season is officially here! I can't wait. It's fun to go to weddings and celebrate the joining of two hearts with all of your friends and family. There's great food, fantastic company, lots of dancing and good drinks.
I'm sure ready for all these weddings but I'm not sure my closet is. I like to wear dresses to weddings. For more casual weddings I'll wear a sundress and wedges and for a more formal wedding I'll wear a dress much like the one pictured with some cute heels. You will never catch me in jeans at a wedding (don't get me started...).
I found this great dress that I will be wearing to an August wedding. It's a gorgeous cocoa color and looks great on any body type. It's fun but covers enough so it's modest to feel comfortable in. Since the dress is one color, you can pick a different color to use for shoes and accessories. Some great colors that go well with cocoa include turquoise and coral. There are many more out there, so the opportunities are endless!

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