Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get Gorgeous Skin With a Custom Airbrush Tan

My friends that just got back from a Spring Break trip all look great and I'm jealous of their beautiful glowing, tan skin. I'm also jealous that they got to go on a fun trip and I had to stay home and work. :)
I like to have tan skin. I strive to make my skin look and feel beautiful. However, skin is very important to properly take care of. Sitting in the sun without sunscreen or going into a tanning bad are two ways to damage your skin. The risks with sun damage are not worth it to me. Bad effects from sun exposure include wrinkles, skin cancer, premature skin aging, and more.
That's why I go to CloudMover Day Spa. I can get a custom airbrush tan and get the look of great, glowing skin without the damage associated with sun exposure. I can get a great-looking tan and not risk any bad effects from it! I can choose the color that I want my skin to be, so I don't have a look that's too dark for me.
There's no need to "bake" your skin in the sun to look at feel great. Stop into CloudMover Day Spa for a custom airbrush tan. Maybe I'll see you there!

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