Friday, December 7, 2012

How to Get Great Post-Workout Hair Without Washing it

I love to work-out during my lunch break. It's the perfect time, because I can't wake up early enough to squeeze my work-out in before work and after work I am go straight home to be with my family. When a work-out is done mid-day, it was always a challenge to get my hair somewhat back to normal (especially because I don't have time to shower on my break). I found a couple of tips to get hair back to normal post-workout without a shower. Here's how:
1. Spritz a little bit (maybe 5 pumps) of spray gel onto the outermost layer of the hair. Don't use a gel that's very concentrated!
2. Wrap a medium-sized section of hair around a round brush and roll it away from the scalp. Hold a hair dryer at the roots of the hair to add extra volume.
3. Leave the hair wrapped around the brush to cool. Repeat with other sections of hair on the sides of your head.
4. Hold the dryer about 6 inches from the ends of your hair to add volume back to the ends. This only takes about 20 seconds!

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