Thursday, July 10, 2008

I still have baby bedding

So I had been yapping about a neighborhood yard sale that was held on June 28th. I had every intention of participating, but I was so wiped out from our vacation, driving home and getting settled back in at home (we came home on Thursday evening; the 28th was a Saturday morning) that I skipped it. In hindsight, I should have put a bunch of stuff (baby bedding, baby toys, a few infant outfits) outside with a donation box and let the neighborhood have at it. But I didn't. And now the stuff is still in my house. And I'm sure that half the neighborhood is pissed with me for not doing my part and turning out with crap to sell. Oh well. The downside is that every time I look at the baby stuff I want more babies!

To be honest, we have lived here for a little over a year, and aside from the people on either side of our house, I have no desire to really meet and mingle with anyone else. Not the guy across the road who we had an issue with over a basketball hoop, not the woman next door to him who bellows like an enraged yak for her teenage boys, and not the family on the other side, the husband who is very nice (he helped my brothers and I push my mom's stalled mini-van down the road) but the wife who stares daggers at me every time she sees me (apparently me leaving a plate of cookies on their porch as a way of saying "Thanks for helping me push a mini-van!" is synonymous with, "Hi, can I steal your husband?" ), or the other parents of cretins whom they never take responsibility for.

I'll just keep on being that snobbish, uppity neighbor that I'm sure everyone thinks I am. :P

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