Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love shopping at Target

If you want to excite me, take me to Target. I love that I can get almost everything we need from there. The only exception is plus-size clothing for me (I'll take Fashion Bug any time!) and food beyond the basic gallon of milk, loaf of bread or frozen pizza. I'd say that 99% of Alyssa's clothing and 100% of Ryan's clothing came from Target. I buy socks for myself at Target, and all of my husband's clothes from Target.

Now, if you want to bore me to tears, drag me to a hardware store like Home Depot. Nothing will put me to sleep faster than lumber, paint, plumbing, commercial lighting and carpet swatches. Though I try to make the most of the time there and keep myself lively by checking out some of the neat gadgets they'll often have near the cash registers.

What is your favorite store?

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