Friday, July 11, 2008

Get inspired

If I want to change my hair style, find some new ways to wear makeup, or pick up some new clothes and accessories, I don't waste my time with fashion magazines. Let's face it, as neat as the stuff showcased in them is, it's often a little too extravagant and "out there", and is almost always a lot more than I can afford!

So, I head straight to the mall or a park, and people watch. I have been most inspired by the styles I see walking in front of me. And if I really admire the way a girl has her hair styled, or the color of her eye shadow, or her shoes, I won't hesitate to approach her, compliment her on her [whatever it is that I like], and then ask her how she did it/where she bought it. I've never been turned away from a conversation like this. :)

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