Friday, August 15, 2008

Save on childrens clothes with back to school sales!

If the barrage of commercials on your TV and the aisles stocked sky high with pencils and binders haven't clued you in, it's back to school time! This means that it's time to stock up on school friendly snacks, batteries for alarm clocks, school supplies and... new clothes! Sandbox Couture has a terrific sale going on right now for their childrens clothes. The back to school sale offers you some great deals on a lot of clothes.

My favorite pick for girls heading back to school this fall is the Small Paul Frank Pink "Wanda" jacket. Red and pink plaid complete with pockets topped with stylish pink bows is a must have to match with dark denim jeans and corduroy skirts. Take advantage of the current back to school sale and save 15%!

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